Sage Mayer

Sage Mayer is an actor, dancer, writer, and philanthropist who has appeared on Netflix, DreamWorks TV, Discovery Family, Universal Kids, Hulu, Youtube, and Amazon.  He has appeared in over 19 films, TV shows, and web-series. His upcoming movie, Children of Moloch was directed by Frank Peluso and produced by Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook). Last summer he filmed a Chicago web-series entitled CHI-nanigans which has recently been released on YouTube. It follows the life of his character Foster and his twin sister Marie in the windy city. His image is currently in every DSW store in the US and Canada, online and in mailers for their “Back to School” campaign and as an advocate for BeStrong, an international youth empowerment organization that he has been a supporter/advocate of for three years.

Sage was recently nominated for an award this summer by the Young Artists Academy in Los Angeles for his role in Gramma, by DeMarcus Brown of Seaton Drive Films. He is managed by Trinity Artists International in Los Angeles, CA.