Micah Abbey

Micah Abbey was born outside of Columbus, Ohio. He got into the entertainment
industry at the age of four. Micah continued with print and commercials until an acting
showcase in Chicago led him to Los Angeles when he was 9. Through his agent DDO, and
manager Randy James he started his theatrical career by booking a great two episode
arc on Grey’s Anatomy. Not long after that Micah got the role of Leaf on
Nickelodeon’s Cousins For Life, and is working a new motion capture project to be
announced soon.

Outside of acting Micah has an active life. He likes to hang out with friends, play
baseball and football, dance, and play video games. Micah likes to cook and eating
adventurously! When it comes to school Micah’s favorite subject math and would like to
go to school for engineering someday. He enjoys giving back and volunteering with
underprivileged families, special needs children, and all animals.