Stimming for Mindfulness: Strategies for Autism

with Sorel Estrada Volpe

You might have heard of the concepts of stimming and mindfulness separately, but what exactly are they, and how do they relate to each other? How can these techniques help Autistic and other neurodivergent individuals thrive at home, work, socially, and in the classroom? This workshop is for individuals, families and professionals alike, answering those questions in a way that’s easy to understand while introducing you to a few effective methods to get you started. With research gathered from academic sources and by other Autistic individuals (including myself), this interactive presentation is for and by the neurodiverse community. It is open and welcoming to absolutely all people who want to learn and provide better support to our beautiful community.

  • Room: Room 3
  • Time: 11:30AM - 12:15PM

Sorel Estrada Volpe is the owner of the small disability advocacy and adaptive living nonprofit, Frill-Ability Inc. For their day job, they are a STEM-based museum educator and love encouraging folks that they can learn anything. They are passionate about creating engaging resources for intersectional communities for everyday life which empower you to go forth and “#MakeGoodWithYourAbility.”
Sorel is a disabled, queer, mixed-person of colour who uses the pronouns: they/them/their/theirs. They have rare conditions called Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and also are Autistic. They have a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics.