Getting Teenagers Connected

with Julianne Neely MSW, LCSW

In this session, attendees you learn to assist your teenager in developing healthy, supportive friendships. You will learn ways to build their confidence, encourage their social skills, help them to plan and meet commitments, and encourage them to take care of others. This session will provide you with Teen Triple P’s, the best positive parenting strategies. You will be among parents facing many similar challenges as you and will go home with plenty of ideas to help you deal with the most common ones.

  • Room: Room 3
  • Time: 6:00PM - 6:45PM

Julianne Neely MSW, LCSW is a special needs mom, foster parent, business owner, and pediatric therapist in Chicago, IL. She treats children struggling with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues at her private practice, Individual and Family Connection in Roscoe Village. She is a leading expert in pediatric mental health and has written over 20 publications for major magazines and online resources.