A Persons a Person No Matter How Small

with Cassandra Kaczocha and panelists

The children of WE CHILL, along with their moms, will be talking about being kid activists. They will share their experiences of attending political events and protests, going to Springfield and using their voices to impact their communities. Panel will include Cassandra Kaczocha with Dylan age 11 and Evan age 8,  Alexandra Eidenberg with Anna and Mir age 5, Jennifer King with Kiera age 13 and Lindsay and Dakota age 16, Kate Nicolai with Addison age 7 and Kennedy age 2.

  • Room: Room 2
  • Time: 11:30AM - 12:15PM

Cassandra wants to make sure that all women have opportunities to lead.  In her work, Cassandra manages a team of women in IT. For her daughter, Cassandra leads a Girl Scout troop. In her spare time, Cassandra volunteers with WE WILL, leading the organization’s equity initiatives. Cassandra knows that equity doesn’t happen unless we make sure the voices of all communities are involved in crafting policy and legislation.