1Sensory Hour4:00PM - 5:00PMExhibitor Hall
2Exhibitor Hall Opens5:00PMExhibitor Hall
3Louder Than Words with Alashandra Reynolds5:15PM - 5:45PMRoom 1
4How To Communicate Effectively With Your Teens with Eirene Heidelberger 5:15PM - 5:45PMRoom 3
5Tips for travel to Walt Disney World with a child who has special needs, with Amy Westerman 5:15PM - 5:45PMRoom 4
6Break5:45PM - 6:00PM
7Play the "Write" Way!, with April Whitlock6:00PM - 6:45PMRoom 1
8Airport Travel with Children, with Hope Heotis6:00PM - 6:45PMRoom 2
10Break6:45PM - 7:00PM
11Parental Mental Fitness For The Wonder Years and Beyond, with Nicole Woodcox Bolden7:00PM - 7:45PMRoom 1
12A Persons a Person No Matter How Small, with Tiana Kubik7:00PM - 7:45PMRoom 2
13Stimming for Mindfulness: Strategies for Autism, with Sorel Estrada Volpe7:00PM - 7:45PMRoom 4
14Exhibitor Hall Closes8:00PMExhibitor Hall
1Sensory Hour9:00AM - 10:00AMExhibitor Hall
2Exhibitor Hall Opens10:00AMExhibitor Hall
3Diversity in Children's Literature: Reading, Writing & Creating, with Veronica Appleton10:15AM - 11:00AMRoom 1
4Make Today Awesome Yoga, with Alison Gildemeister10:15AM - 11:00AMRoom 2
5Mindful Eating: The Coolest Way To Eat, with Kristen Johnson Brogan10:15AM - 11:00AMRoom 3
6Special Child, Special Body: Understanding Sensory and Motor Systems for Success, with Shannon Davis10:15AM - 11:00AMRoom 4
7Break11:00AM - 12:30PM
8Building ​F​amilies ​T​hrough ​F​oster ​C​are and ​A​doption, with Konnie Ford, Ashley Gast, and panelists12:30PM - 1:15PMRoom 1
9Body Positive, with Kelley Kitley12:30PM - 1:15PMRoom 2
10Making A Difference: How to Impact Legislation at Any Age, with Tiana Kubik and panelists12:30PM - 1:15PMRoom 3
11SESSION PENDING12:30PM - 1:15PMRoom 4
12Break1:15PM - 2:30PM
13STEMs Need Flowers, with Candice Blancett-Cummins2:30PM - 3:30PMRoom 1
14Childhood Is A Verb, with Bente Goldstein2:30PM - 3:30PMRoom 2
15Let's Talk About Sex, with Chelsea Surfus2:30PM - 3:30PMRoom 3
16SESSION PENDING2:30PM - 3:30PMRoom 4
17Break3:30PM - 4:00PM
18Play the "Write" Way!, with April Whitlock4:00PM - 4:45PMRoom 1
19Conquering Bullies, with Aria Craig4:00PM - 4:45PMRoom 2
20Take Note, with Alashandra Reynolds4:00PM - 4:45PMRoom 3
21Breaking the Supermom Stigma, with April Lisbon4:00PM - 4:45PMRoom 4
22Exhibitor Hall Closes5:00PMExhibitor Hall