What can I expect when I attend a KidCon event?

KidCon is the ultimate event for kids and families. Designed for kids, and kids at heart, we take our toys and games seriously. During the event, attendees will be able to shop, learn and play at our unforgettable event.

Who should attend?

Parents and children, ages 3-100! Our sessions focus on ages 3 to 13, and advice for parents of every stage.

How many people will attend KidCon?

KidCon event capacity varies from event to event, but you can expect to join up to 2000 attendees.

Can I bring my stroller to KidCon?

Of course! Strollers are welcome at our events. However, we will ask for strollers to be folded if crowding becomes an issue.

What is your infant feeding policy?

We believe that parents have the right to feed their child wherever they please. 

My company would love to exhibit, sponsor, or present at KidCon. Are you still accepting applications?

Yes, please send an email to us at info@kidcon.com with information about your company and we’ll get back to you!

Do you offer Media Passes to KidCon?

Yes! Please email us at media@kidcon.com for more info on how to apply for a Media Pass to the event.

Do you offer ticket refunds or can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds (full or partial) or exchanges between events. Gift bags cannot be shipped and must be picked up at the event.

However, tickets are always transferable to another ticket holder. You should have an email with a button marked “download tickets”. Click that button to be taken to your ticket(s). When you click download, it will open a .pdf file with your ticket(s) and give you the option to print. You could also save it to a mobile device. We can scan you in at the event with the bar code of the ticket either as an image on a mobile device or as a paper ticket. To transfer your ticket(s), you simply need to send the appropriate ticket or tickets to the new ticket holder. You do not need to confirm a name change or transfer with MommyCon staff. If you do not have your e-ticket(s) and need them to be resent to you, please simply email info@kidcon.com with the first and last name you used when you purchased tickets, and the city of the event your tickets are for, and we will re-send your tickets to you so you can transfer them as you please!

Can I upgrade my ticket?

Possibly! Send us an email at info@kidcon.com and let’s chat!

Do you offer ASL interpreters?

If you are in need of an ASL interpreter, please register for the event a minimum of 60 days in advance indicating your need for an ASL interpreter. Upon registering, please email us at info@kidcon.com to confirm.

Does my child require a ticket?

All attendees aged 3 years and older require an admission ticket.

Registration and Gift Bags
Show us your ticket on your phone, or as a print out, and we will get you your badge at registration. You can come and go as you please once you have your attendee wristband.
If you have a ticket type that includes a gift bag, you will be given a wrist band that you will then trade in when you pick up your bag.
What KidZones will be at my event?

Our KidZones vary from event to event. To see what KidZones are coming to your local event, make sure you check out your specific event’s page.

Military Discount Tickets

Military discount tickets are for Active Duty Military members, Active Duty Military dependents, and Veterans who would like to utilize our military discount program to attend a KidCon event. Through this program they are eligible to receive a complimentary General Admission ticket or a 20% discount on a VIK ticket for their Military dependent. Interested attendees are instructed to email info@kidcon.com with “[Event Name] – Military Discount” in the subject for information on how to obtain these discounted tickets. 

Program rules:

  • Active duty military members, active duty dependents, and veterans are eligible for admission with a Military discount ticket. Veteran dependents are not eligible.
  • All attendees aged 3 years and older require an admission ticket.
  • Military discount tickets may be transferred to another ticket holder who also qualifies for the discount.
  • Military discount tickets cannot be upgraded.
  • Neither Military discounts nor refunds can be applied to previously purchased tickets.
  • Military discounts cannot be applied to any tickets currently in presale.